Mar 20, 2011

Spring Break Recap + The Niceguys x Blu x J Davey

To keep a long story short, my spring break as a whole was pretty decent. Regardless of Toro y Moi CANCELING their Houston show, and  my inability to attend SWSW, I was still able to see a number of other groups play, pass the time with family and friends, and finally get that phone upgrade I've been waiting on 
[long over due]. It seems like the time passed by so quickly and now, unfortunately, I have to get back to real life. I have two test to study for for Wednesday, and I don't even want to think about those essays. I guess I can officially welcome myself back to the daily grind. I'm a bit tired to go into the details, so: The Niceguys x Blu x J Davey. I feel like an ass because there where a gang of other artist who showed up and played that good music, but I unfortunately can't recall their names or where to find them. My apologies. May I now live in memories.

Fro Update: I can't quite recall if I mentioned it, but I decided to grow my hair out sometime in December. I'm not looking to do anything in particular to it, besides being awesome, so I'm just going to let it grow and let it be for now. Swag.
Also, I've decided to transform my old-semi-brand-new tracks shoes into actual day sneakers. I came home and decided that I was going to use them as strictly running shoes but then I came to the conclusion that I can actually stunt in these. We'll see how it goes.
Okay last thing. My mother says that I never give her any face time on my blog so now, mom, call all your girlfriends 'cause you are now officially swaged out/internet famous. I think Lil B needs to christen her as THE based goddess [she's not going to have a clue what I'm talking about].
I'm done now, hope you enjoyed the music, and the afro, and the sneakers, and the mother. Now go get back to real life. I'm pretty sure we all have some work we need to be doing.


  1. You're mum is a babe. How the hell does she look so young!?

  2. nice picture of your mom!

  3. This is a nice post! First off, I am beyooooooooond jealous you got to go to that show!!! I LOVE Blu & J*Davey so much! Both make excellent music. And secondly, your hair looks nice lol! Keep growing it, I want to see how big it gets hahahaa, you can start putting those comb things in it (just kidding). And lastly, your mother?! Looks more like your sister lol! She is beautiful!! Ha, well that is all I have at the moment, have a lovely day.

    ps: sometime last december you did a post on toro y moi and that was the first time i ever heard of him. i have been HOOKED ever since. thank you for putting me on :)

  4. Omg, is that your mother? She's gorgeous! And SO young! You're a fine product yourself :)

    psst, following your tumblr as well!

  5. your mother looks stunning!
    i could've sworn she was your sister or something!
    the pictures seem like a lot of fun!u gotta love spring break!

  6. Really love the concert photos!

  7. dang, your fro is TIGHT !

    your curls are beautifuLLLLLL!

    ...and so is your mom.
    (my mom is always asking for face time, haha...)

    sidenote: you ran track, too?!