Apr 3, 2011

Laser Bangs, an Apologetic Mixtape

It's been almost two weeks since my last post....WEAKSAUCE, what am I on vacation? No, I've just been lazy, that's all. As much as I'd like to say that I've been spending this entire time running game on some literature and math equations, I unfortunately am unable to do so, shoot me. If it's any consolation I have been a little bit swamped lately, nothing too gnarly or specific, just your run of the mill onslaught of school, women and your classic case of dorm room boredom.

I do come bearing gifts however, if you will accept them. If you REMEMBER, sometime in February I made a mixtape for all the lovers and lonely hearts on Valentine's Day. It actually ended up turning out to be a pretty "big" hit with 69, count 'em, 69 downloads [SWAG]. As an attempt to make up for my lack of love for Justnorman I decided to make another mixtape, so please, enjoy.

People with whom you may listen to this mixtape:
Skaters| Punks| Hoodrats| Outlaws |Based Gods And Goddesses |Gangbangers |Hipsters |Bloggers |Gays |Musicians |The Minority |Kids With Swag

People with whom you may not listen to this mixtape:
Anyone Associated With A Church Hierarchy |Haters |White Suburbia |Your Relatives |Ex-Gangbangers |The Police |The Majority |Homophobes |The Swagless

In all seriousness, I love making these things and if by chance you just so happen to enjoy at least a few of the songs embedded within this zip file, then I’ll know I’ve made at least a small part of your day a better one. Swag. NOW GO DOWNLOAD


  1. at last, a post...I was starting to think you ditched blogspot for tumblr or something....
    mix-tape downloading as we speak...or in this case as I type...

  2. Usually never comment...
    Loving the mixtape.

  3. Hahah, keep these mixtapes coming! Love them!

  4. normando!!!! make me a copy of the mixtape foo!