Apr 15, 2011

Remix Remix Seven

And this time it comes from the heart. I've been a pretty big fan of Darwin Deez for a while now and I even had the opportunity to go see there show in Houston, but just like my life, something tragic happened and I just wasn't able to make it [damn.] Regardless of my ruined opportunities, I'm still able to live vicariously through the music, so I guess there's some since of positive within it all. 
I've spoken to a few of my friends about there opinions of Mr. Deez, and as somewhat expected, many of them didn't seem to be too excited about it all that much. They felt as if he was a bit too indie, too hipster, just too much of "all of that," [or whatever that means] but to me, I actually kind of like it. Yeah the lyrics and melodies can be somewhat simple or even childish [that's a stretch] but simplicity is often times what catches my attention the most and I enjoy it. I actually really dig the album, and like most of the artist I speak of, I'll definitely continue to listen and keep them on my radar for forever and beyond.

And now I present, My favorite song of Darwin Deez's self-titled debut, Bad Day.
Javelin Remix

As you'll soon see, I've still been going pretty hardcore for all my 80s synth vibe remixes and musicians and of course, nothing has changed. Besides the lyrics, the remix seems to be the other supporting factor as to why I'm still able to listen to this song over and over.

Have any artist worth checking out? Have any idea what ethnicity the lead singer of Darwin Deez is? Post a comment, shoot me an e-mail, I'M DYING TO KNOW.

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