May 1, 2011

James Vincent McMorrow

Few times have I heard a voice so sincere that it actually stops me in my tracks and forces me to listen to whatever the hell it is that they're trying to tell me, and this, actually happend a few weeks ago. As usual, I'm doing my daily internet crawl, browsing through dozens of new records and artist, attempting to sift the miracles from the mundane and there was it was, the opening record to his debut album, and also the moment that I gently cried into the arms of my pillow and comforter [it was just...beautiful].

If I had to pigeon hole Mr. McMorrow in comparison to other musicians, I'd go ahead and say he's a mixture between James Blake, Mumford & Sons and I've even heard Bon Iver thrown in a few times. He's definitely got that hardcore indie/folk singer vibe going on but also makes use of more traditional instruments such as the banjo and sliding guitar. I seem to enjoy most of the songs included on the record, and honestly I can't wait till August 'cause the is going to be the PERFECT autumn album. I've compiled a list of some of my favorite songs from the album so please enjoy if you're in the mood.

Album: Early in the Morning by James Vincent McMorrow

Suggestions? Recommendations? I'm all ears.


  1. You should check out Timothy Bloom. Amazing new artist and he's from Texas. Btw. dope ass blog. cool layout reminds me of old school Lateboots. dope.

  2. if you like this check out james blake, on of my fav songs has to be limit to your love. Its just a fine piece of work