May 9, 2011

Finals Week: Image Dump

Monday, today, was probably one of my more stressful days of finals week, so now I've already been beginning to relax a bit, but still, priorities. must. focus. on. priorities. must... lecture notes... powerpoints... Yeah, that's a no. My mind is already on summer mode and I can barely fathom walking into a computer lab, let alone pull an all nighter memorizing list of political subsidies.

In general, I'm just too done with Huntsville. I mean, I love my school, and I really do enjoy being with [some of] the people here, but damn broseph, why do most, if not all of my ride or dies choose to attend universities on the opposite ends of the cosmos? I just don't understand why they choose to be so far away from me. It makes me sad... On a more positive note, this summer shall be an epic one. I'm not even out of school yet and I'm already getting hit up to go do fun stuff with the bros [and the ladies as well]. This rarely happens, I'm excited, and if you're one of the people that I plan on spending my time with, then IT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN.
Also, as you can see, the fro is doing well. I decided to give the whole side part thing a go and so far things are going fairly well. Swag.

Good luck on those finals guys, and if you're done, well then you're already off to a great start.


  1. You must tell me what song that is included in this post. Yes, that's a command. :] Good luck with finals. I envy you,I ain't done till June!

  2. I like your 'fro, and you're mad sexy & shit.