May 22, 2011

Trip Downtown: Museum of Fine Arts

Work won't start for hopefully another few days and I've been out for summer break for about a week and a half, so as you can guess, I've got loads of free time on my hands. Legally, I'm not quite old enough to partake in Thirsty Thursdays, however, I'm more than happy to participate in free admission to The Museum of Fine Arts (Houston of course). I don't think I've set foot into a state funded gallery since I was a child, and since I love to make myself seem way more intellectual than I actually am, I figured this'd be a good a time as any to actually turn myself into that cultured young soul that I strive to be (aN pLu$, d@ gUrLz luV 1+). 

Honestly, I wish you were there to see some of these paintings, because I don't think any camera is capable of doing any of these depictions justice. To be able to see the brushstrokes and the color of the paint as it ages due to time is just mind boggling, and to see the size, and how massive some of the works ended up being in real life is just...intense. There were a few times that I actually ended up getting "reprimanded," and I even snagged a few shot of some works that I wasn't supposed to (PRIVATE COLLECTIONS), but it's all in the name of art right? Ironic enough, the final time I get caught doing something I'm not supposed to be doing, just so happens to be the one time a picture is taken with me in the frame and I have no clue what the title of the painting is, it's my favorite. If anyone has any idea, feel free to let me know, I'm dying over here.
Fernand Leger - Man with a Cane
Pablo Picasso - Two Women in Front of a Window
Emile Schuffenecker - Portrait of Emile Bernard
Charles Angrand - The Harvesters
Paul Signac - The Bonaventure Pine
Felix Vallotton - Woman Writing in an Interior
Roger de La Fresnaye - The Fourteenth of July
Henri Rousseau - The Eiffel Tower
Gustave Caillebotte - The Orange Trees
Jan van Huysam - Still Life of Flowers and Fruit
Cristoforo Munari - Still Life with Musical Instruments
Alessandro Magnasco/Antonio Francesco Peruzzini - Workshippers at a Shrine in a Mountainous Landscape
Claudio Coello - Saint Michael the Archangel
Ernst Matthai - Venus
Anton Raphael Mengs - Truth
Canaletto - The Square of Saint Mark's, Venice
Simon Vouet - Saint Sebastian 

Since there are a number of museums who serve the general public with free Thursday admission, I figured it'd be nice to visit a gallery once a week, or at least twice a month. No harm in that now is it. Swag.


  1. I might run into you then, I love going on Thursdays, and I took one photo and nearly got attacked LMAO. I need to work on my skills then.

  2. I just lol'd at "aN pLu$, d@ gUrLz luV 1+"
    Enjoy your few days off before work kicks in! I envy you for being out of school, you Americans and your odd school system -_-

  3. Love the 2nd painting! I'm still due to visit an art gallery!