May 27, 2011

Warby Parker x Vision Spring

As if you couldn't tell from my previous post, I am a ride or die fan for WarbyParker eyewear. Regardless of the fact that I only own one pair (I'm not made out of diamonds) I've been hooked from day one, and it seems as if it's the combination of low price-high quality frames and their wholehearted belief in bettering our communities that keeps me unquestionably captivated by their business model. 
Just recently they partnered up with VisionSpring in order to provide both eyewear and entrepreneurial opportunities for women living in low income countries. Now I don't know about you, but as far as I'm concerned there aren't very many businesses that I can list who's goal is to both make profit AND change the world for the better, and I appreciate that. 
While we're on the topic of Warby Parker, their 2011 collection was released quite recently, and even though I've only owned my frames for just a little under six months, I'm already ready to call it quits and upgrade to a new pair. I'll take two, heavy on the swag please.

(All frames seen here are of the unisex variety. Winning)

If you're at all interested in the specifics of the 
Warby Parker x Vision Spring partnership, be sure to check out more information right HERE, and while I've still got your attention, head over to the WP FACEBOOK page and for every 10 likes an extra pair of glasses is donated to the VP cause.

I know I've probably already given out too many links but peep the rest of the 2011 collection right HERE and shout outs to the big homie TrentTrizzy for listening to my opinions and deciding to buy a pair. I think we might of just overdosed on swag.

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  1. Those are pretty cool frames - the winston is really nice in particular!