Jun 2, 2011

Remix Remix Eight: Kreayshawn

Truth be told, I was debating whether or not I was going to use Kreayshawn as a legitimate "post topic," but it seems as if the entire blogosphere is putting in their own two cents, so who am I to not want to be included in all the hub bub. If you spend as much time on the internet as I do, then I'm quite sure that all of your favorite blogs, tumblrs, twitters and hypebeast-esque lifestyle sites have been filled to the brim with information (or the lack thereof) on Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj's love child. Kreayshawn seems to of created a rather large buzz for herself as of late, no doubt caused by the introduction of her feature track, Gucci Gucci.

I'll have to admit, the song in itself is extremely catchy, and even long after analyzing the track I could still be found condemning high luxury, swagging heavy, and commenting on how many bad bitches I have in my very large room. God I love what music does to me. Unfortunately, I took it upon myself to go a step further and actually give ear to some of her other, lesser know, audio goodies, and was (as somewhat expected), thoroughly unimpressed. Considering that this is only the beginning, I can't quite forgo Kreayshawn as a whole just yet. I mean, I am a fan of Lil B, so who am I to criticize a girl for a lack of flow and or lyrical content on a particular track (BASED WORLD). Speaking of Lil B, and Odd Future Wolf Gang for that matter, Shawn in know for rubbing shoulders with some of Cali's finest underground hip-hop acts so who knows, maybe it's her time to breakthrough.

Anyhow, the track is addicting and I love it, so please formulate your own opinions and be sure to let me know how you feel about said white girl.

Oh but we're not done yet, we musn't forget the remix, which in my opinion makes White Girl Mob's lyrical head hunter that much more palatable.(remix courtsey of K.Flay)
As I'm just the middle man, for I lack the money, knowledge and man power to run a profitable website, I am forced to direct your attention to the people who do. If for some reason you are sincerely interested in the Oakland city antics of Cali's own, read the full on interview with Complex Magazine right HERE.

Any other interesting artist you find worthy of noting? Be sure to let me know, we're a team remember?


  1. you know what's funny -- someone said I remind them of this song but I had never heard of it. Thanks for posting this lol

    xo Mima

    The Haute Tamale

  2. I want to hate this so badly, but I love the dirty almost Cool Kids-esque basslines.

  3. shes interesting, I didn't know her bc I'm on this huge pop music binge right now... Currently in love with frankmusik. But anyway this chick has mad style so i think shes cool.