Jun 10, 2011

Twin Sister x Yong Mammals

As of this very instant, we, meaning I, have been on summer break for approximately 28 days 14 hours 2 minutes and 37 seconds, and as if you couldn't tell by my obnoxious desire to count the moments past since the arrival into my Houston apartment building, not too much has happened these past few weeks. Of course I've had the occasional outing, bonding time with moms and other such friends and family members, and from time to time the sporadic bike ride that usually ends in me slowly dying in the back of a Starbucks restroom, hoping and praying that the air conditioner never kicks off. I spend most of my days cooking and cleaning, as most of my stay at home mother friends do (what?), and making meager attempts at finishing this book I've been trying to read for who knows how long. As many kids my age with prior work history, I thought I'd have a job lined up before I even got here, spoke to the boss and everything, but at the looks of it, I just might not be working this summer (fingers still crossed). It'd be nice if there were more employers willing to hire me, regardless of my inability to work for more than 10 weeks, but I guess that's just the way life goes... Damn.

HOWEVER, according to last night, things are beginning to look up, as I've kicked off my series of yo-son-it's-a-bunch-of-bands-playing-lets-go-see-dem list with quite the bang if I may say so. TWIN SISTER, along with YOUNG MAMMALS and another band that I can't quite recall the name of were in attendance, and boy am I glad that I didn't stay at home to watch Bad Girls Club reruns. The show was great, the lighting was perfect and every girl in the spot looked like Alexa Chung and that one girl who's the lead singer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. As usual I was one of four black kids there and it seems as if we all naturally gravitated towards one another (we low key stick together). My only problems were that the the downstairs stage was too small for the crowd that showed up, and my major concern being that I didn't get the chance to spit game at the lead singer. I think she smiled at me, and I'm pretty sure we made love with our eye contact, but I can't quite recall so that's my story and I'm sticking to it. All in all it was a great show, and despite my rambling on for an entire two paragraphs without even mentioning the genres of music or if it's even worth spending your hard earned money on (which I do in fact believe it is), I'll just let the audio and the photographs speak for themselves.

(All photos taken by yours truly)
If you're still interested, be sure to check each bands' website linked above and see about 20+ right here on my FLICKR page. Also, If you'll look to your far right you'll notice a new link, it's my TUMBLR. He goes by the name Laser, his favorite thing to do is make screencaps, and he's been around for a while, just shy that's all. Treat him well.

Last thing. For the very few consistent readers that I do have, meet me back here sometime between now and Wednesday night, I have a very special surprise.

Till then.


  1. you've been on summer vacay for 28 days 14 hours 2 minutes and 37 seconds while I've been on summer vacay for 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes oh and of course, 0 seconds! shit I envy you.

  2. The name of the band you can't recall is Wicked Poseur. I was there, as well. Amazing show!

  3. P.S. Was this the Alexa Chung girl? Haha http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lnziitfJTz1qfhbyio1_500.jpg

  4. who is this garret? and yeah, lmao that was pretty much her, as well as all the other white girls in attendance

  5. No, my name is Elissa. That was me, haha. I found your blog via searching for young mammal pictures on google.

  6. bahaha, I could a sworn this was my homeboy. Well thank you Elissa for inspiring my weak ass Alexa Chung reference, and remembering the name of the band, I couldn't recall it for the life a me.

    Oh, and thanks for visiting the blog, regardless of the fact that it wasn't intentional. Google must definitely be doing me some good, swag me out.

  7. Haha, no problem. I'm really good friends with Cley (bearded one), who plays in both YM and Poseur. So I have no choice but to remember them. Regardless, I adore both bands. Haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD3zVGgKOGY

    I love your little passage. The pictures really drew me in as well.

  8. Wow, I'm glad you like, my ego thanks you dearly, for real :: preciate the linkage too, I'll be sure to cop the album definitely.