Jun 19, 2011

Summer Summer. The Warm Weather Mixtape

So the last time we spoke, I told you that I had a bit of a surprise that was supposed to be posted no later than Wednesday of last week. Well obviously, as usual with my blogging schedule, I'm a bit late on the delivery, but I'm here, so please don't be too upset. I try my best not to make these mixtapes of mine too frequent, but you have absolutely no idea how excited I get about hearing certain songs, or whenever I'm asked that age old question: "so, what kind of music do you like?" They're just so much fun to do, and I love just finding new stuff and "putting people on" if you will, so it's a win win.

I really do have to ask you guys to be careful with this one though, 'cause I'm pretty sure I OD'd on swag like four times while assembling this track list (it's that potent). I tried my best to craft and create the perfect summer mixtape, and while it's not necessarily the type you'll want to bang in your candy red impala, it's definitely beach house and road trip worthy (scout's honor). DOWNLOAD HERE.
(Album art created with Microsoft Word. I know, swag right?)

If you don't have them already, download previous mixtapes right HERE and HERE. Please enjoy, you only get one summer a year you know.

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