Aug 24, 2011

And The School Year Begins (Again)

Is it just me, or does time seem to be flying by entirely too quickly? I wish it'd slow down at least just a little bit, I feel like I'm missing way too much around me and I'd rather not forget it all. There's just so many memories I'd like to keep but there's no more room. My mental space is filling up too quickly I think, I should probably just go ahead and stop being so nostalgic and make room for more, but why? I like the ones I have already, why can't I just keep them all? Tough luck I suppose, but enough with the metaphors, we've got bidness to take care of.

 Today marked the first day of the beginning of the school year, and unlike most of the kids my age, I was kind of excited. I laid out my clothes, phoned moms the night before, listened to some hype music... my social life/study habits are about to be on top this year (or at least that's what I keep telling myself). I've only been to two out of my five classes, and everything seems to be okay, but lets not speak too soon, again, it is only day one.

I'm guessing this'd be a good a time as any to humbly apologize for my hiatus, and to offically wave good bye to the summer behind us. It's been real though has it not? Our love affair was wonderful, but school's started baby and Autumn keeps calling my name. Don't worry, I'll be back next year. [End scene]

Now, image dump. And this time: gifs on gifs on gifs.

Oh, and peep the first day fit. Say it with me now, 
"swag to the maximum."
Okay, enough's enough. Till next time.



  1. urghh, i still need to decide what i'll wear for my first day of school. still not sure how i want to present myself hahaha

    also, like you, i'm surprisingly excited for school to start. i'm ready for change.

    thank god for summer.

  2. I myself must admit I am beyond excited for school to start. But for now I am still enjoying my summer days:)
    Good luck with your school year my friend.

    Ps, I'm not a rapper.

  3. swag is an understatement young sir! the blue bandana makes it perfection.