Dec 22, 2011

Punxmas 2011

Winter break is finally here, and what a better way to start it off than with Houston's 7th annual Punxmas Fest. I know it may not seem as such, but Norman and punk music have quite the history with one another. Way back when in my band geek days, I went through a fairly heavy ska-punk-psychobilly phase, which has consequently had a major effect upon the types of music that I listen to today. While I may not fancy listening to The Casualties or GBH as much as I used to, I still can't seem to escape from the thrills of a good show, reminding me of all those things I've been missing while I've been away at school.

The show kicked off around five or so featuring around eleven bands in total, but the ones in particular that more or less so caught my attention played much later on the set list, so on time was definitely not mandatory. Now I don't know if I've ever really mention them by name before, but Kelin and Garret, aka my white friends, aka white boy mob, were the two dudes that I went with, and just for future reference, if you ever hear me speaking about a show, these two guys are more than likely the individuals that I rode with. But they weren't the only ones who came with me, oh no, there were more. Not only did I get to see a few old band mates from high school, Rachelle and Raveen took a few hours out of their "busy" schedule to come chill with your boy, and for that they deserve both the blue link and the mention (V TEVM SVLUTE).

As usual with these types of functions, I had a trill ass time, despite the fact that Devin and I decided to part ways a few weeks back (slipped that in there real classy like didn't I?). I know it seems like we just got together, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be, so maybe it's best that we just leave it at that for today. On a lighter note, my afro and my mustache is lookin' mad thick these days, and I've even caught the attention of one of the baddest black hipster girls on campus, so hey, I'm doing all right. *proceeds to pop multiple collars*

||Bands seen here: Roots of Exile, Rats in the Attic, Fuska, Blackmarket Syndicate, The Ghost Storys, Molotov Compromise||

To catch the rest of the 80 or so photos, CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Oh, and I hope you enjoy the changes I've made to the site, things were getting a little too crowded for me, I needed to get my zen together and this was the outcome. If you have any suggestions or comments pertaining to the site, the photos, the post, anything, don't be afraid to shoot me a comment or an email. We're all in this together you know.

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