Nov 29, 2011

Wait, I'm Not Finished Yet

Despite that fact that its been nearly two months since my previous post, I am here to say that is most definitely not gone for good. As if my readership wasn't already dwindling down to a halt due to my lack of posting, I'm sure a many of you have already given up on me, but if you're still here and you're actually reading this: thank you. I've been going through a lot lately and I know that that's not much of an excuse, but this is real life and sometimes we have to make sacrifices, and I guess the good ol' blogspot took the L on this one. I even let the tumblr start to fall a bit too, and once you start slackin' on tumblr, it's pretty much a downhill roller coaster from then on out.

Let us play catch up...

I know it might not necessariy seem like it to the outside world, but I'd have to say that the sacrifice was slightly necessary. These last few months I've been interning for an organization on campus know as The Exceptional Men of the Talented Tenth. The process has been going on since September or so, but to make a long story short, I, Norman Clark, am officially a member (TENTH TENTH, HOORAY). Out of the original 16 members who began the process, only 7 of us made it, and honestly, it was worth it. 

Everything's starting to look up for me which is a nice change of pace. The girl that I've been "talking" to for a little over a year and half finally came around and made it Facebook official with a young pimp. I know I've never really spoken about her, but I usually prefer to keep things under wraps, especially on the internet, but fuck it, we're legit now (her name's Devin by the way). Also, I have friends. YES, REAL LIFE COLLEGE FRIENDS. Ever since Emilio and Christiana left me hangin' Freshman year, I've been on the hunt for some young souls to fill the spot that they left in my heart. Well guys, the wait is over and Δ TEΔM (A TEAM) is in full effect. 

Now, I don't mean to be such a buzz kill, but I was to some degree slightly lonely before all of this happened. The way is see it is that there's a very thin line between solo dolo and lonely, and I was harking on the latter. Things are just changing so quickly and I'm just hoping that nothing goes wrong, God willing.
Me lately
Bass Drum of Death x Unknown Mortal Orchestra x Toro y Moi show
She and I 
Wish me luck guys.

PLENTY more Toro y Moi photos right HERE ON FLICKR.


  1. HE'S BACK! For a quick minute there I thought you dropped off the face of the blogger earth. Congrat's on the internship and gal pal;). Hope all is well, AMERICA.


  3. I uploaded em last night, here's the link: