Jul 8, 2010

Style is the Goal

So It seems like everyone in Europe's wearing their coolest outfits in hopes of getting their picture taken by some dude sent to Milan for the 2011 collections coverage.GOOD THINKING. I'm guessing there's cameramen everywhere so any Jo blow with a nice looking set up can get that picture taken. There were about 177 photos [GQ.com], most of them being Euro douche bags with bicycles and iPads [ironic?]. Fortunately I was able to scrounge up a few that I figured were genuinely cool enough for me to share. Except for FIFA, I think I'm beginning to like the European.



See the rest of it all right HERE


  1. I think I banged that guy with the denim shirt and beard. Well if not, he has an Australian doppelganger living in Canada.

    Mmmm Euro men.

  2. The guy with the demin shirt layout is crazy !

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  3. so...this is how EVERYBODY dresses over there?
    so i can't come off the plane in some sweats.

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