Sep 21, 2010

Cool People Cool Places

 So fashion week is finally over. You might be thinking, "well hey you're a cool guy, you know stuff, why don't you ever talk about the fashion shows and all the new collections that are coming out right now?" To that I'd say, "well thank you for the compliment, but I just don't seem to care all that much." I don't live in 2011 yet so I think I'd much rather just talk about things that are a little more relatable like I don't know, the present? Plus, have you ever tried to see into the future? It's not that much fun, you just sit on the floor with your legs crossed for fours hours waiting to see what your baby's momma's gonna look like. I don't mean to spoil the surprise but nothing ever really happens.

I declare all that to say that I live in fall 2010 now, we can discuss spring 2011 when the time comes if that's okay with you. But anyways, I love to look at all the people that go there. Especially the old guys, it gives me something to look forward to. There were so many pictures to choose from in the lady department [sexy], but all the dudes were looking a little too feminine for me so of course I had to be choosy. Here's what I came up with....
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  1. LOVE the photos! And blogs are already discussing Spring 2011 collections, can you believe it?!

  2. Cool blog and Awesome photos.
    And i feel you on the fashion tip, its always one season ahead. And sometimes we forget about right now. Like, 'yo show me what I can wear tomorrow or next week.' Lol. Anyway, keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by.

  3. those pictures are really cool. all very inspiring.
    anyway, i'm really agree with you about fashion is always a bit a season too fast. :)

  4. Well the thing is that nowadays fashion guys tend to dress femenine and girls masculine, something like Richie Rich's collection.

    Love the pictures and i recognized some of the photographed :D


  5. awesome pics. thanks so much for the love. i feeeeeeel it.

  6. Yes, of course!!! :)

    Thanks for the love <33333333


  7. You are completely right: Fashion Weeks happen too early nowadays! Also, the trends as identified in February are not exactly the trends as seen in the streets and in the shops nowadays.

    In any case, I think London Fashion Week is at a historical low at the moment. No creativity, poor technical skills. It's all about Topshop & Topman. Hardly brilliant!

  8. i love fall 2010 too but then cant wait to see what comes for spring 2011, im following could you follow bk?

  9. "I don't don't live in 2011 yet." That was so real talk right there. Good deal.

  10. too true what you said about living in the fashion future.
    Although I have to say, as a trader of vintage this gives me some time to collect what it just might be in vogue for the next two or so seasons.

    Enjoying you writing and great photos and subjects.