Jan 26, 2011

Remix Remix Five

And this time it's a triple header. Theophilus London remixes The XX who remixes Florence & The Machine who actually remixed it from someone else but it's not really that important so we'll just leave that bit of information out of it. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Florence [she is a hottie though], or The XX for that matter, but I'm pretty much ride or die for almost anything Theo does so of course I had to bring this to your attention eventually. I loved Theophilus' verse over the remix and I was actually pretty surprised by how much I was into The XX's rendition as well. I don't know if you recall but I actually went to the London show that he did in Houston. What, you say don't remember? No worries, I've got your memory refreshment right....NOW.
Be on the lookout for his new EP coming this February, and if you've got a twitter [which I lack] you can go DOWNLOAD his new single all for the low low price of a twitter message. Enjoy.

You take interest in that good good too? Well don't be stingy, I want to hear all about ALL that good music you know about, we're a team remember, you're the steak and I'm the sizzle.


  1. I'm really into Le Loup right now... And Bonobo.

  2. remix upon remix upon remix...
    I like it !

  3. 1. i adore this post
    2. i really do walk fast, im either late, cold, or hungry.

    bahaha,how is your semester?are you in spanish 4?

  4. i've been listening to the new m.i.a. mixtape nonstop for the past week. for other suggestions, check out my blog (sorry for the lame-ass promotion)

  5. hmmm never heard this one. Thanks for sharing:)